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Sophomore Year 2010-2011 May 12, 2011

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Well here I am, nine months later and officially half-way done with my college career.  It really is scary how fast time just melts away. I thought last semester was fast, this semester was just one quick flash.  I feel like I just went on auto-pilot this semester and just watched everything speed by me.  Last semester was very manageable compared to this semester.  I was always busy all the time and everything just kept piling up one thing after another without end.  In spite of everything, I managed to survive and here I am.  Overall, this school year has been very good to me; I have learned a lot and have realized how much has changed in just this year alone.

Coming into my sophomore year, I found myself with the same nervousness I had as a freshman.  I think this was partially because I was afraid of my emotions repeating themselves again.  Last year, I felt lonely a lot and felt like I had no friends; it felt like I was in high school again; I had a lot of friends in class but I never hung out with them outside of the classroom.  This year was different for me.  I tried to be a little more social and tried to reach out to people rather than staying reserved and waiting for someone else to reach out to me first.  I always prefer when other people make the first move with me because of my own personal apprehensions.  I finally realized if I sit around all the time waiting for someone to reach out to me, I’ll be lonely all the time.  I decided to be a little more proactive with everything.

This semester I became closer with a lot of people I already knew and made a lot of new friends.  I started hanging out with people more and just trying to create friendships.  Some of my new friends I met without even trying and I became close with people without ever realizing it.  I feel like one of the things that helped me the most with everything is being a part of Phi Mu Alpha.  Being a part of the fraternity has given me a sense of belonging.  I feel like I belong somewhere and it helped open me up to so many new possibilities both musically and non-musicially.

As I’m sitting here in my dorm, I can’t help but smile thinking about how happy I have felt throughout the semester.  I can not remember a time when I ever felt this happy and loved by so many people.  I have had so much fun this year and have loved every moment of it in spite of the all the work I had to do and the amount of complaining I did.  I truly am going to miss everyone over the Summer.  I know I will see some people of the Summer (hopefully) and I’ll be back before I know it, but just thinking about the people I will miss makes me feel so sad.

I haven’t only just learned things socially.  As cheesy as it sounds, my flute has taught me a lot about myself.  This semester I took on a really hard piece that was just a little out of my reach.  I remember trying to make my way through it when I was in high school and failing miserably.  A few years later, I managed to get through it and do well with it.  Being able to play a piece you never thought you could do is such a satisfying feeling.  My flute has taught me nothing is really impossible, it just takes time and patience.  It has taught me how far I can really go and that nothing is out of my reach if I just try hard enough.   I never realized how far I could go.

This year has been so good to me in many ways.  I have become a better musician and have strengthened and formed relationships with many people.  Seriously, I cannot remember the last time I smiled this much and had a smile this huge for any given amount of time.  To any of my friends who happen to read this, I care about you all and value your friendship more than anything.



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